Imagine a world in which language and cultural barriers no longer exist – where understanding is universal and everyone is empowered. This is what Albos Consulting and Interpreting offer.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our interpretation services, using only expert interpreters with experience in their relevant sector—whether that means a medical interpreter offering a helping hand at a doctor’s appointment or a business interpreter attending an international trade event.

Our range of interpretation services can be broken down into three categories. Face to face interpretation involves interpreters attending your event in person, whilst telephone interpretation and video interpreting offer remote services for international meetings and conference calls.

All three are useful in their own ways, depending on the specific circumstances of your meeting and the budget you have to hand. Just let us know what you need our interpreting services for, and we can offer advice on which of our types of interpreting would best suit your needs.

The need for language services in the UK has never been greater.


The percentage of people living in the United Kingdom who are immigrants


The number of UK citizens whose primary language is something other than English

11 M

The number of UK residents who are considered deaf or hard of hearing


The percentage of UK residents who come from minority ethnic 

We help you provide 360 degrees of language coverage to the diverse communities you serve

Healthcare’s most trusted language-support partner

You no doubt believe that providing excellent care to every individual – regardless of language, culture, or ability – is the right thing to do. This can be difficult as the community you serve grows more culturally complex and multilingual. It is more vital than ever that you have a reliable language support partner that can help you seamlessly take on this challenge.

Albos Consulting and Interpreting has faithfully delivered world-class interpretation and translation to healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients at their critical moments of need. We are exceedingly proud to be the trusted language support provider to hundreds of healthcare organisations across the United Kingdom.

When they partner with Albos Consulting and Interpreting, these hospitals, healthcare providers and clinics have on-demand access to reliably fast, secure, scalable language services that are available night and day.
We provide our healthcare clients with 360 degrees of language coverage. This includes interpretation delivered by world-class, medically qualified interpreters, as well as on-time translation and localization of all vital documents.

We do all of this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we do it in more than 200 languages.

On-Demand Interpretation

Instant, round-the-clock access to thousands of world-class, professional, vetted interpreters via mobile, video, and phone in 200-plus languages, including British Sign Language


Face-to-Face Interpretation

Schedule an interpreter to attend meetings in-person at your office or meeting venue. Ideal for complex or multi-participant meetings.

Translation and Localisation

Seamless, on-time translation and localisation of the written word, including websites, apps, public information/education and international communications.


Our app puts the power of 12,000 linguists in the pockets of in-the-field officers and agents, providing one-touch, on-demand access to professional interpretation in 200-plus languages.

Improve patient satisfaction

When you’re in the hospital, peace of mind is as valuable as receiving the best care available. If you can’t understand what your doctor or nurse is saying, and they can’t understand you, peace of mind is almost impossible.
This is the most fundamental way that professional language services affect the patient experience. By communicating with patients in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate, you are able to increase patient satisfaction and safety while building trust.

A trusted partner to government agencies

Albos Consulting and Interpreting has worked with central and local government organisations to provide language support in multiple forms – from written translation to remote, on-demand interpreting services.
With an extensive pool of specialised linguists, Albos Consulting and Interpreting conducts work for all areas of government – from: Legal Sectors, Police stations, Magistrate Courts, Crown Courts, education, environment, transport and housing, through to international development and trade.
As our communities continually evolve, government agencies need to partner with a sophisticated language-access provider that can respond, scale and continually meet their needs.
Albos Consulting and Interpreting has this covered – in 240 languages, 24 hours a day.

High value, high quality

As budgets constrict, and government organisations are compelled to do more with less, Albos Consulting and Interpreting, expertise in providing high value, high quality government translation services is invaluable. With regionally based teams of specialists, we can work with you to create a solution that meets the needs of your stakeholders and your budget.


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